Emperor Valley Zoo Hummingbird-Garden Notes

Notes (April 2015):

  • A sound/barrier can help to reduce the road noise in the garden, from the nearby Circular Road, which is a modest disturbance to the ambiance and may pose a deterrent to potential hummingbird visitors.
  • Much more green than red (a color more eye-catching to hummingbirds) in the garden as the garden and its immediate surrounding are dominated by herbaceous perennials, particularly Heliconia latispatha.
  • The Heloconia latispatha dominance also contributes to the sense of a single layered garden rather than a multilayered one.
  • A trellis, along the southern fence, with some nutritious flowering vines would contribute to a layered garden effect.
  • Inclusion of annuals with shorter life cycles would complement the perennials bloom cycle; these planted in bunches can take advantage of hummingbirds attraction to broad strokes of colour.
  • Areas of natural shade, within 20-30 feet of the core garden, with perches would help to entice the hummingbirds to linger.
  • Hummingbirds like to take baths and play with water, so, the garden would be enhanced with a shallow bird bath and mister/sprinkler system.
  • Signage detailing visiting hummingbirds and plant species can be an advantage to the garden experience.
  • Pathway signage can help guide visitors.
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