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Major Zoos Comparison

Compared to most major zoos in Europe and North America, e.g. the Berlin Zoological Garden, London Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Frankfurt Zoological Garden, San Diego Zoo and the Tiergarten Schönbrunn (the oldest operating zoo) of Vienna, Austria, all opening to the public prior to the roaring 20's and the Great Depression—mostly, in German speaking nations, predating the Belle Epoque1—the Emperor Valley Zoo along with Zoo Miami, and some other minor zoos of the Americas are, roughly, offsprings of the post-world wars period—or Les Trente Glorieuses ("The Glorious Thirty"), 1946 to 1975, as said in France.

London Zoo and the Berlin Zoological Garden top the selection with the most exhibits with 19,000+ and 15,000+, respectively; from a species reserve of 806 and 1,462 respectively. The Emperor Valley Zoo ranks with Zoo Miami with 2,000 exhibits but is furnished from a smaller species reserve, 200+.

The Emperor Valley Zoo, the smallest of the selection, is situated on 7 acres. The average size of all the zoos in the selection is 169 acres. Of the zoos less than 100 acres the average size is 29 acres. Zoo Miami has the largest acreage, 740, followed by Parque Municipal Summit, Panama with 480 acres. Zoos larger than 100 acres, all located in the Americas, have an average size approximating 400 acres.

Major Zoos Comparison
Zoo Year Opened Area (Acres) No. of Exhibits No. of Species
Berlin Zoological Garden 1844 88.5 15,126 1,462
Bronx Zoo, New York 1899 265 6,000 650
Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo, Puerto Rico 1954 45 75
Emperor Valley Zoo, Port of Spain 1952 7 2,000 200+
Frankfurt Zoological Garden 1858 27.18 4,800 565
London Zoo 1828 36 19,178 806
Parque Municipal Summit, Panama 1960 480 300
San Diego Zoo, California 1916 100 3,700 650+
The Belize Zoo & Tropical Education Ctr. 1983 29 125 48
Tiergarten Schönbrunn (in Schönbrunn park), Vienna, Austria 1752 39.5 (park) 700+
Zoo Miami, Florida 1948 740 2,000 500

1In French spheres, a period, about the 1870s to World War I, overlapping the late Victorian and the Edwardian eras, of optimism, European peace, new technology, scientific discoveries, flourishing arts, and masterpieces of literature, music, theater and visual art.

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