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Chaguaramas Boardwalk Map

This map depicts the main amenities at the Chaguaramas Boardwalk: the boardwalk, which substantially skirts Williams Bay; decks, oval discs portrayed in gold; a jogging track in brownish red; whils't, the Western Main Road is light grey and parallels the boardwalk. Further depictions are lifeguard stations represented by checkered lifebuoys, towards the top-left corner; a small beach at the leftmost extreme, in pale yellow; a remote control auto racing track, at the boardwalk elbow, at its centre, is depicted as black, slated hatch marks; a police post is just above the race track and another is just beyond the south eastern corner; and, at the top right, service booths, gazebos, and vendor huts, arrayed in a circle in a plaza, are shown by small squares. Williams Bay and a pedal boat pond, at the top-right corner, is in blue. The vendor plaza is just below the pond and restrooms are there too; the Kayak Centre is the black rectangle near the bottom-right. Parking is indicated in three areas, first, just below the Kayak Centre, second, just above the pond on the northern side of the western Main Road and, finally, north of the Western Main Road above the beach.

Chaguaramas Boardwalk Map

Three main entrances are indicated: at the information booth at the top of the map, at the deck next to the beach at the leftmost extreme, and, less prepared with a feigned barrier and in flux, at the Kayak Centre, nearer the foot of the map.

On the map, the Boardwalk and Western Main Road, towards the top-left end, are compressed and rerouted, southward, from the east-west axis; otherwise, the actual boardwalk and the Western Main Road (WMR) would continue due west from the bow at the top-middle of the map. This accommodation is to facilitate a compact representation on mobile devices.

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