Map of Puerto Rico's Wildlife Refuges and Birding Sites

This map represents the locations of some of Puerto Rico's wildlife refuges, forest reserves, and other potential birding spots on the main island of Puerto Rico and some off-shore sites. The main island is the largest in the Puerto Rican archipelago reaching 180km by 65km. The next largest island in size is Vieques followed by Isla de Mona. Most of the sites depicted are situated towards the southwest and the northeast of the main island on either side of La Cordillera Central, which divides the island laterally, east to west. Some sites to the southwest are Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge, Laguna Cartagena, and Hacienda Juanita, whilst to the northeast is El Yunque National Forest. To the east of the main island are the offshore islands/sites of Culebra and Vieques, at 27km and 13km, respectively. To the west, 21km offshore of the main island is Desecheo Island the location of Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge, the home to various species of seabird colonies; it is managed by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Refuge and is a prohibited site due to unexploded ordinance. Also to the west, 66km (41mi) is Isla de Mona which is managed as the Reserva Natural Isla de Mona.

San Juan, the capital city, is situated on the north coast off-center to the east whilst Ponce, another major city, is on the south coast almost at the east-west midline. These two cities are accessible via interstate highways PR1, PR2, and PR3. Culebra and Vieques are accessible via ferry from the city of Fajardo