Chaguaramas Boardwalk Amenities

In addition to the 2,437 feet walkway, the Chaguaramas Boardwalk features leisure, communications, health, and exercise and hospitality amenities:

  • Beach—a small, 150m (492ft), thin beach—short of Blue Flag criteria1—is nearer the CDA Estate Police Post at its western end. The near-shore, a mix of sand and mud, is shallow. The waters are clear and calm with gentle waves, but become murky with sediment and debris in the rainy season, and sometimes polluted with petrol from boats using the bay. Lifeguards are stationed at 2 lifeguard towers and public showers are within a stoneˈs throw. During the day, almond trees provide shade along its eastern reach.

  • Communications—Wireless: bmobile Bzone Broadband Hotspots

  • Energy—Mobile Charging Station: blink | bmobile, public mobile charging station—Solar Powered

  • Fishing Platform—low sea wall fishing platform, at Tembladora, is within casting range of the sea.

  • Gazebos—Each fenced and furnished with bar-style counter top with sink, pipe-borne water, and benches (Rental Units—transacted at the Information Booth).

  • Information Booth—CDA information booth; located at the north east corner of the esplanade, near the pedal boat pond; operating hours—8am–8pm weekdays; 8am - 10pm weekends. (ph: 634-4227, 225-4232 or 634-2424 Ext. 191; Emergency: 634-4227 xt 300; or email:

  • Jogging Track—700m+ track that loops from just above the Kayak Centre on the inside of the Western Main Road, heading north, westward, just above the vendor plaza, then south on the inside of the boardwalk back to the Kayak Centre. The track surface is made of a special rubberized coating with shock absorbing properties.

  • Lifeguard Stations—Two lifeguard towers at the western/northern leg of the boardwalk; manned 10am to 6pm weekends and public holidays.

  • Kayak Centre—The facility, the designated national training centre for kayaking and dragon boating, rents fiberglass and plastic kayaks for paddling in Williams Bay. The rental rate per hour is TT$25 for a single and TT$35 for a double. The centre is opened from 6am to 6pm daily. (ph: 633-7871)

  • Lost and Found Post—a few meters south of the information booth.

  • Miniature Golf Surface (Planned)—located just north of the Kayak Centre.

  • Night Lighting—solar powered lamps that activate after dark.

  • Open Spaces—grassy spaces some areas shaded by Almond trees.

  • Parking—allowed at the Williams Bay Car Park, Tembladora, at the south eastern end of the boardwalk; near the CDA Estate Police Post, at the western end, i.e., near Pier 1; including paid car park across the street on the northern fringe; and at other locations on the peninsula or as directed by the CDA Police Officers. Along the Western Main Road from Tembladora for 5 kilometers westward is a No Parking Zone.

  • Pedal Boats—small watercrafts, suited for calm waters, which are driven by human pedal action turning a paddle wheel.

  • Pond—a 3000+ sq. meters water attraction, with a fountain, which doubles as a pedal boat waterway; it is located at the north eastern end of the boardwalk.

  • Public Showers—The showers are located on the northern leg of the boardwalk just east of the beach, 167 meters east of the nearest lifeguard tower.

  • Remote (Radio) Control Model Auto Racing Track—an enclosure, approximately 25x14 meters, with dirt track; operating between 12 noon to 6pm weekdays and 10am to 6pm weekends and public holidays. (email: ; ph: 495-4292, 722-2260)

  • Rest Rooms—at the public showers and at the vendor plaza.

  • Seating Areas—6m diameter decks on the northern, east to west, walkway and 15m diameter decks on the eastern, north to south leg.

  • Security Posts—at Tembladora at south eastern end, at elbow in walkway at the north eastern corner, and at the western end of the board walk. (ph: 634-3408, 634-2581)

  • The Trees Vendor Plaza—A variety of cuisines are available from booths: Chinese, Creole, and Indian amongst others, as well as, pre-packaged snacks and drinks. Eight larger vendor booths, named after local trees, are arranged in a circle around a 30 meter diameter central court whilst smaller booths extend to the North East, for 50 meters, and North West, for 80 meters. Booths around the central plaza are:

    • Bois Canot (The Grill Bistro),
    • Cocorite (The Curry Cabana),
    • Immortelle (The Jerk Shack),
    • Lychee (Chinese Chalet),
    • Palmiste (The Ice Cream Parlour),
    • Savonette (Soup Shop),
    • Tapana (Italian Inn), and
    • Tonka Bean (The Coffee House).

    The plaza is located at the north eastern corner of the esplanade at Williamˈs Bay, just south of the pedal boat pond and directly east of the Remote Control Car Track, and inside the bend in the Western Main Road, where it changes direction from north to west.

    The plaza is opened from 8am to 11pm daily.

  • Water Play Zone—a 9 meter children's water play area featuring fountains of water erupting from the ground, located just north of the Kayak Centre

  • Walkway—2,437 feet (.46 miles) of recycled plastic decking on concrete groundwork skirts Williams Bay.

1Beaches and Marinas gain Blue Flag certification—from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)—after meeting international criteria for water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety amongst other services.

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